What are Exclusive or Collector Editions?

Sideshow is proud to offer Exclusive and Collector editions on its website. Please see an explanation of both below.

Exclusive Edition

An Exclusive Edition is a limited edition, museum quality collectible available only directly from Sideshow.com. Exclusive Edition usually signifies an extra perk / accessory / product availability available no where else. Most exclusive items are limited to 1 piece per customer / account / address / household / billing information / collector / IP Address. Note, any attempt to circumvent this restriction may result in the cancellation of any order(s) related to the exclusive.

You can identify Exclusive items on our website by spotting the Exclusive badge or Exclusive label.

Below are some images for where you may commonly see these indicators.






Collector Edition

A Collector Edition is a limited edition, museum quality collectible available from Sideshow and other retailers around the globe. 

In most cases*, Collector Edition's have an announced edition size and are marked with a unique edition number.

Most Collector Edition items are limited to 2 pieces per customer / account / address. 



* Sixth scale figures do not include a specific edition number unless otherwise specified.