RSVP Alerts - Text Alert Service Instructions



Step 1 - Log-in: On any preview page, locate the RSVP section under the main photo. Click 'Sign-in' to your Sideshow account (if you're not already)


Step 2 - Click RSVP Now: Click the 'RSVP now' button.


Step 3 - Enter your Number: Once you've successfully RSVP'd for the item, you'll be able to enter your 10-digit mobile number (for international you would enter up to 15-digits). Enter your mobile number and click 'Get text alerts.' Message and data rates apply.


Step 4: Confirm your Intent: You will see a confirmation message on the screen. Within a few minutes, a text message will be sent to your mobile number. Reply to that message with a "1" to confirm your subscription.

Congratulations! You are now confirmed for SMS messages from Sideshow.

*If you do not respond to the confirmation text message, you will not receive SMS alerts from Sideshow