'Signature Required' Policy and Fees

Almost all of the items that we sell are limited editions. To ensure that our items are delivered and received safely, a signature at the time of delivery may be required. This will be indicated in the e-mail you receive confirming shipment of your item(s).  If you will not be home during the day to receive a signature required package, then we suggest that you opt to have the package delivered to your place of business.

Waiving the delivery signature
Customers may choose to waive the signature requirement per order, but it must be done before your item ships out. To do this, you will need to complete and sign a release form and then fax it back to us, prior to your shipment leaving our warehouse. A customer service representative will contact you back to confirm receipt of your request and the application of it to your order. You can download the pdf of the release form here. You should be aware that if you choose this option that you are releasing Sideshow and the carrier from any responsibility for the package once it is dropped off at your door.

Important Note: Signature Requirements can not be removed once the item is in transit. If you do not waive the signature prior to the order’s departure, then you will be responsible for all shipping fees in the return and reshipment of your item.