How do I Cancel an Order?

How do I cancel an order?
Easy. Just login to your account, access the order details for the order you wish to cancel, and click "Cancel Item." 


Once you click "Cancel Item," you'll receive the following prompt:

Click "Cancel Item." That's it! 

Will I receive an e-mail notification confirming the cancellation?

Am I able to view cancelled orders in my account?
Yes. Cancelled orders will display in your Sideshow account. 

I received a notice that my order is going to process and ship. Can I still cancel?
Maybe. Time is of the essence! Please call 805-214-2100, toll free 1-855-SIDESHOW, or use the live chat option. If the item is already in transit, it cannot be cancelled. 

I tried to cancel an order, but the option wasn't available from my account.
Please call 805-214-2100 or toll free 1-855-SIDESHOW. 

Is there a fee to cancel an order?
If the order required a non-refundable deposit, this deposit is kept as the cancellation fee.