Refused Packages

Package Refusals

Sideshow does NOT recommend refusing the delivery of purchased goods under any circumstances. We have specific procedures already in place to assist all customers with the easy return and exchange of an item, and refusing a package will only lengthen the amount of time it will take to bring you a satisfactory resolution.

Refused packages will not be eligible to receive an exchange for a new product. Once the original shipment is returned to our warehouse, it will automatically be processed as a refund of the collectible’s purchase price less the return shipping costs, non-refundable deposits, and international return fees and taxes (if applicable).

If Your Package Arrives Damaged

Please accept your package and contact us immediately. We may be able to assist you with a quick resolution without the need to return the damaged item to our warehouse.

If You Changed Your Mind

Please accept your item, and contact us for assistance through the proper channels. We also recommend that you open and fully inspect your delivery prior to requesting your return.

For International Customers

Any item that is shipped internationally from Sideshow will result in the purchaser being assessed additional customs import fees and taxes upon delivery. Customers will be responsible to pay these fees directly to the carrier. We strongly suggest that you also contact your local customs office to verify the duty rate prior to making your purchase.

The assessment of these fees is not a valid reason for refusing or returning a package and will not be covered by Sideshow’s Return and Exchange Warranty. 

Any international deliveries that are refused will still be responsible for these import fees and taxes, and they will be deducted from the refund due upon the item’s return. Any items that are abandoned by the carrier and not returned to Sideshow will be considered lost and no refund will be issued.

Please know that any international purchases that are refused/abandoned could result in permanent account closure.