Reasons for Account Closure

Below are some of the top causes of account closure:

1) Invalid credit card registered in your account.
2) Second Party credit card (one not belonging to you) appears within your account without completing an authorization form. (Downloadable PDF format)
3) Credit card, PayPal account, or any other payment method registered in multiple accounts.
4) History of excessive credit card declines at time of processing.
5) History of excessive cancellations due to unresolved credit card declines.
6) Insufficient Funds for personal checks (U.S. accepted only).
7) Unpaid FlexPay cancellation fees or bounced check fees.
8) Unacceptable customer behavior to our staff, which includes but is not limited to; hostility, yelling, name calling, foul language, bodily threats and harassing phone calls (multiple calls about the same subject to different reps in hopes of receiving different responses).
9) All accounts that have submitted a charge back dispute are temporarily disabled, in order to avoid further billing and shipping issues, while charge disputes are being resolved. Multiple charge backs, for any reason, will result in account closure.
10) Customer has multiple Sideshow Accounts, with varying billing/shipping information. 
11) Refusing a package without contacting Sideshow Support. 
12) Refusing a package due to an unwillingness to pay duty, tax, VAT, or any other import fee.
13) Refusing multiple packages for any reason.

Please note that Sideshow Collectibles reserves the right to close a client’s account at any time for any reason, including but not limited to those mentioned above. Any rewards within the closed account are forfeit as per the Terms and Conditions of the Rewards Program. Any pre-orders within the closed account will be canceled. Any NRDs will be refunded.