Who Can Order?

Sideshow is happy to ship our products to locations within the U.S., the European Union as well as other international countries. We ship world-wide from our U.S. based warehouse.

Due to certain restrictions, shipping requirements and/or identity verification issues, we may require that customers from certain countries supply us with additional information with their order or use specific payment methods. Please see below for details!

First Time Orders

First time orders placed from the following countries may require a credit card verification form and photo ID before first shipment: Korea, Brazil, South Africa & Eastern European countries not in the EU.

Blocked Countries

There are some countries to which we are unable to make shipments. Please click here for a complete listing.

*New customers from International locations, including the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, will need to complete a credit card verification/id upon first orders placed over $300, prior to shipping.