Purchasing an Item From an eBay Seller?

There will always be that limited edition collectible you waffled on and then missed the opportunity to purchase. Now it’s a super amazing grail piece that you absolutely must have for your collection. Oh look, it’s on eBay!?

Before you hit that Buy It Now button, be careful. Please note that Sideshow's 30 Day Exchange/Return policy does not apply to pieces purchased via eBay.

It is important to us that your purchasing experience is informed and fair. While the majority of eBay vendors are legitimate and honest, we have received complaints from customers who purchased an item through auction. These can range from a vendor’s misrepresentation of product availability, to edition sizes, to delivery expectations, and false implications of partnerships with Sideshow.

Sideshow Recommendations

  • Request pictures of the item out of the box, including pictures of the base and the edition number.
  • Do not buy mint in box/never opened collectibles. Always request the seller open the product and check for damages prior to shipping it.
  • Does the seller have a return policy? If not, you should think twice. 
  • Offer to pay for shipping insurance on your item. Things happen during transit. It’s not pretty. Trust us on this one.

Abiding by the above guidelines will help protect you from unexpected surprises while on your online collecting adventure. 

Information about eBay Pre-order Auctions

We are aware that some eBay vendors are selling Pre-orders of Sideshow products that have yet to be released.

This is an auction for a collectible that is still in production and may not arrive for many months! Because of this, these eBay vendors cannot guarantee that they will have this product at a specified time, if they receive it at all. Good grief!

Instead, we recommend pre-ordering from Sideshow directly (via our website), or through an official Sideshow vendor. Not to brag, but our Customer Support is top notch, and our return and exchange policy is second to none (Okay, so that’s a little bit of bragging.). Official vendors that carry Sideshow Product generally also have helpful return policies in place, as well as customer service to assist their clients.

So make sure you explore all options before clicking that eBay Pre-order. It may save you some trouble down the line.