Invitation Only Events and Promotions

On occasion, Sideshow may offer a product as an early purchase opportunity through our invitation only system.

Here is an example of how the page may look when you encounter it.

The qualification for an invitation may vary, but will often require newsletter membership, a specific purchase history, and/or another form of website interaction. If you have received an invitation to such a page and cannot access it please confirm that you have Signed In to your Sideshow account.

If you are signed in and cannot access this page it means that you have not received an invitation to purchase this item at this time. Please keep an eye on your email inbox to see if you receive an invitation in the near future. 

The only other method for accessing an Invitation Only page is through a special one-time use access code. These codes are distributed by various means, but most often sent by fellow collectors who want to share their early access.