COVID-19 Update

With the recent global pandemic declaration by the World Health Organization, we all face trying circumstances as communities worldwide alter their lives to remain safe and healthy.

During this difficult time, Sideshow has taken measures to keep our employees and collectors as safe as possible. Your patience is appreciated while we work to adjust staffing and scheduling to meet this goal while retaining consistent service levels.

According to the latest information released, COVID-19 lives on hard surfaces for 48 hours and on porous cardboard for up to 24 hours. Many of our packages arrive into our warehouse after 14 -21 days in transit. Most local deliveries take an additional 24-36 hours to complete.

Our staff will be consistently sanitizing equipment and surfaces throughout the day to make sure the processing of your packages remains as safe as possible. Shipping times may experience slight delays due to our staffing and process updates.

We understand that the next few weeks will be difficult and filled with uncertainty. Many in our community will find themselves working from home and /or self-quarantining. Our staff will stay connected with you through our support, chat, and social media channels.

Please stay safe and healthy during these difficult times.